The following rules should be followed while using this platform

1. User is not allowed to insert any post to sell or buy products or services that are illegal or violate any law

2. It is not allowed to insert same post multiple times to keep the post on top of the list

3. Each post must be in the relevant category available on the platform

4. The contents of the post must be correct and factual

5. The user may not be allowed to insert further posts in case he has already posted a predetermined number of posts which may be different for each category

6. The use of improper words that can be derogatory or offensive is not allowed

7. reserves the right to change the title or content of the post for editorial purposes or for making the post clearer

8. reserves the right not to publish any post or to delete any published post if it is against the set rules or is against law or without any explanation

9. reserves the right to change these rules any time without any notice